Blue Elf - Aloe ‘Blue Elf’

Blue Elf - Aloe ‘Blue Elf’


Blue Elf aloe (Aloe ‘Blue Elf’) offers something that other aloes can’t — it thrives in full sun, likewise, shady spots pose no problem for this small aloe hybrid. This tight-clumping, dwarf aloe offers a dense rosette and can grow to eighteen inches tall and two feet wide. It is mainly stem-less with narrow, silvery-bluish-gray leaves that grow upright. There are small, sharp teeth along the margins that are reddish-brown in color. The plant explodes with showy spikes of orangey-red blooms in late winter through early spring.

  • Plant Care

    • Light: Full sun to partial shade
    • Soil & Water: Well drained soil for cactus. Water when dry
    • Humidity: Above Average
    • Pet Friendly: No


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