Chinese Evergreen - Aglaonema Siam Red

Chinese Evergreen - Aglaonema Siam Red


Trek deep in the tropical jungles of Asia (especially Southeast Asia) and you’ll find a delightful plant called Chinese evergreen (Aglaonema). You probably wouldn’t think these rainforest inhabitants would be some of the toughest, most reliable, easiest houseplants around, but they really are. Aglaonema Siam Red provides a burst of colour in any room. The green leaves are elegantly flushed with red markings. These plants can tolerate low light conditions and periods of draught - if you tend to forget to water your plants, this one is for you!

  • Plant Care

    • Light: Low to bright indirect. Avoid direct sunlight as this will scorch the leaves
    • Soil & Water: Well drained soil. In high light, you can allow the potting mix to dry 25% - 50% of the way out before watering thoroughly. In a lower light situation, allow soil to dry almost completely before watering
    • Humidity: Average to above Average
    • Pet Friendly: No


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