Golden Barrel Cactus in Glass Terrarium

Golden Barrel Cactus in Glass Terrarium


Echinocactus grusonii is a magnificent barrel cactus, often called Mother-in-Law's Pillow or Mother-in-Law's Cushion. It is deeply ribbed, each of which is covered in creamy yellow spines. Woolly white hairs grow on the crown and cup-shaped, vivid yellow flowers may form on mature plants. Golden Barrel Cactus is easy to look after, but they do need plenty of bright light. An all round spiky ball of fun.

        • Plant Care

          • Light: Bright indirect to partial shade
          • Soil & Water: Well-drained soil for cactus. Allow the soil to slightly dry between watering 
          • Humidity: Above Average
          • Pet Friendly: Unknown


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