Haworthia Bundles

Haworthia Bundles


Haworthia are like little pieces of nature art. And they are pet friendly and super easy to care for!


Some are mid to dark green in colour and often have white speckling or striping. Many species have evolved and display translucent windows of clear tissue at the top of their leaves. This tissue provides diverse, shimmery patterns beloved by collectors yet the purpose from the plants’ perspective is survival in the wild. Haworthia are often partially buried in the sand and soil to protect them from water loss during the heat of the day. Often just the translucent tips of their leaves will poke out into the light. These windows allow sunlight to penetrate into the leaf and reach the photosynthetic tissue below ground! They are native to South Africa and are some of the most beautiful and jewel-like succulents ever created by Mother Nature. They would make a prized and exciting addition to any succulent collection. 


Can't make a decision on one? Then you may chose a group of 4 or 6!

    • Plant Care

      • Light: Bright indirect
      • Soil & Water: Well drained soil for cactus. Water when dry
      • Humidity: Average
      • Pet Friendly: Yes


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