Money Tree Stump - Pachira aquatica

Money Tree Stump - Pachira aquatica

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The Pachira aquatica originally came from the wetlands in Central and South America and became very popular in Taiwan in the 1980’s. Today, this plant is available throughout the world especially in the bonsai form. This Pachira aquatica has one stump but usually they have a central trunk made up of three, five, or seven stems that are often braided together. The top of the Money Tree has the “lucky” 5 lobed leaf arrangements. When small, a Money Tree can be trained as a bonsai or used as a table plant. As the plant matures, it makes an impressive tree often reaching a height of six feet or more. Other plants like pothos and jade plants are sometimes referred to as Money plants, but the Pachira aquatica is the variety used by the followers of Feng Shui. They believe that a Pachira aquatica, when properly placed in a home or business, brings prosperity and good fortune.

  • Plant Care

    • Light: Medium to bright indirect light and can tolerate low indirect light, rotate 1/4 turn each week to keep it balanced and to avoid its leaves reaching for the light from only one side.
    • Soil & Water: Well drained soil. Keep soil consistently moist, but not soggy
    • Humidity: Above average - mist regularly
    • Pet Friendly: Yes


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