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Philodendron Silver Sword - Philodendron Hastatum

Philodendron Silver Sword - Philodendron Hastatum


Philodendron Silver Sword has a reputation for it's dazzling broad leaves. What is unique with this plant is its silver sheen! Philodendron Silver Sword features a gorgeous set of glossy leaves with a silver sheen, almost giving out a metallic look. It is considered a climbing vine, probably aided by its thick stems. Hence, it’s often raised with a trellis or a moss pole for support.Known botanically as Philodendron hastatumthe plant is a low-maintenance type, which is quite surprising when you consider how intimidating its looks can be. 


Silver Sword Philodendron plants are native to Brazil, specifically to the Minas Gerais and Rio de Janeiro. Sadly, most of these tropical and subtropical ornamental plants are disappearing due to massive deforestation. Thankfully, breeding efforts from various plant institutions are being conducted to preserve and develop all the best traits that come from the wild types of this plant. 

  • Plant Care

    • Light:Low to Bright Indirect
    • Soil & Water: Well drained soil. Dry slightly before watering
    • Humidity: Above average
    • Pet Friendly: No