String of Dolphins - Senecio Peregrinus

String of Dolphins - Senecio Peregrinus


Add the perfect beachy vibe to your space by incorporating the adorable String of Dolphins or Senecio Peregrinus plant! True to its name, it’s trailing, iconic foliage resembles a pod of jumping dolphins and delicate white blooms.


Native to Southwest Africa, the low maintenance String of Dolphins houseplant can grow up to 15 cm/6 tall, making them a great plant choice to hanging baskets, vertical gardens, or trained to climb a trellis or pole.

      • Plant Care

        • Light: Bright, indirect for at least 6 hours a day
        • Soil & Water: Well drained soil for cactus. Water when soil is completely dry
        • Humidity: Average
        • Pet Friendly: No


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