String of Hearts - Rosary Vine - Ceropegia Woodii

String of Hearts - Rosary Vine - Ceropegia Woodii


The delicate heart-shaped foliage and lacy vines of this enchanting indoor plant can grow as long as 12' under optimal conditions. Also known as the Rosary Vine or Sweetheart Vine, this beauty is a true showstopper. 


This is a vine type plant which grows long, wispy trails, is a semi succulent which stores water in its stems and leaves. Native to South Africa, Swaziland and Zimbabwe. A low maintenance houseplant that is good for new plant parents.

      • Plant Care

        • Light:  Indirect, bright light. Ideally allow the plant to receive a few hours of sun each day (although not all day as the leaves will burn).
        • Soil & Water: Well drained potting soil. keep the soil lightly moist throughout the warmer months and it can be treated like a succulent so do allow to dry out between watering. During the winter months the plant is dormant so water much less frequently. 
        • Humidity: Average
        • Pet Friendly: Yes


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