String of Teardrops - Senecio herreianus

String of Teardrops - Senecio herreianus


Senecio herreianus is simply stunning! It is called string of teardrops or string of raindrops due to the teardrop or raindrop shaped foliage. Nature is amazing, these beauties have clear leaf windows allowing more light to get in. When you peek in the window, you will see the interior of the leaf has very fine purple stripes and when the plant is grown in bright sunlight, the purple hues of the stems and leaves will become darker.

      • Plant Care

        • Light: Bright indirect to low light or partial shade
        • Soil & Water: Well drained soil for cactus. Water ONLY when soil has been completely dry - use the soak and dry method
        • Humidity: Average
        • Pet Friendly: No


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