String of Turtles - Peperomia Prostrata

String of Turtles - Peperomia Prostrata


Peperomia prostrata, also known as String of Turtles, is a rare and very hard-to-find trailing houseplant, but we found some especially for you! The strands of this indoor plant are packed with adorable little succulent leaves that look like miniature turtle shells.


Please note that this dense houseplant may arrive with some of the leaves loose in the package. The good news is you can propagate the leaves to make new plants!

      • Plant Care

        • Light: Bright filtered light to shade. They grow well as indoor plants under fluorescent lights
        • Soil & Water: Well drained potting soil. This little plant likes a moist soil but does not like overwatering. Allow the top layer of the soil to completely dry before watering again
        • Humidity: Above average
        • Pet Friendly: Yes


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